ICI Dulux Vapor Barrier Primer Sealer

A special latex primer-sealer and vapor barrier for

interior walls and ceilings. It reduces loss of interior

moisture through the walls to help maintain insulation

efficiency and guard against exterior paint adhesion

failures caused by condensation. Moisture and Heat

Loss - Every home contains moist air (water vapor)

that, in the proper proportion, provides a healthy

atmosphere. But under winter conditions, when

the inside/outside temperatures differ drastically,

the moisture indoors passes through interior walls

and condenses within the stud space as it seeks

the colder exterior side. The moisture may fill the

pockets or voids in insulation, increasing the flow

of heat, reducing its insulation value. Insulation

must be dry to function efficiently.

Keeping water vapor inside the home will help reduce

heat loss and guard against moisture damage. Vapor

barrier systems can help to provide this protection.

Therefore, to help keep moisture inside apply ULTRAHIDE

Vapor Barrier to interior walls and ceilings that

contact the outside of any unheated areas. To be

effective, a product must have a perm rating of less

than 1.0, as set forth by the Federal Housing

Administration Minimum Property Standards.

ULTRA-HIDE Vapor Barrier is specifically formulated

to provide a perm rating of 0.6 when applied at a

coverage rate of 400 sq ft/gal (10 m2/L) to smooth